AI Newsletter #014 (2023/08/28 – 2023/09/03)

Company News Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs Will Use AI to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake processors will utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to improve power management and extend battery life in laptops. The CPUs will employ AI algorithms to efficiently switch between high power and low power states, resulting in lower […]

AI Newsletter #013 (2023/08/21 – 2023/08/27)

The New York Times Blocks OpenAI’s Web Crawler The New York Times has blocked OpenAI’s web crawler, preventing OpenAI from using the publication’s content to train its AI models. The block was implemented on August 17th and can be seen on the NYT’s robots.txt page. OpenAI Opens GPT-3.5 Turbo Up for Custom Tuning OpenAI […]

AI Newsletter #012 (2023/08/07 – 2023/08/13)

Chegg Partners with Scale AI to Enhance Learning Experience for Students Chegg, the online learning company, has announced a partnership with Scale AI to develop large language models (LLMs) for its personalized learning assistant. The new Chegg experience will combine generative AI with high-quality content to provide a more personalized and in-depth learning experience for […]

AI Newsletter #011 (2023/07/31 – 2023/08/06)

1. Amazon Creates New Group to Work on Its ‘Most Ambitious’ AI Models Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has created a new group focused on developing the company’s “most ambitious” large language models (LLMs), according to a leaked internal email. The group will be led by Rohit Prasad, SVP and head scientist for Alexa. Amazon is […]

AI Newsletter #010 (2023/07/24 – 2023/07/30)

1. Researchers find a way to easily bypass guardrails on OpenAI’s ChatGPT and all other A.I. chatbots ChatGPT Alpaca Family Completely Falls! CMU PhD Breaks Through LLM Barrier 2. Google DeepMind’s new RT-2 system enables robots to perform novel tasks Robot ChatGPT Arrives: Large-scale Model Enters the Real World, DeepMind Makes Breakthrough 3. First AI […]

AI Newsletter #009 (2023/07/17 – 2023/07/23)

Top News 1. The AI model Behind ChatGPT Seems to Be Getting Dumber In recent days, many users have complained that GPT-4 has become less intelligent, but how much dumber has it really become? Recently, a preprint paper from Stanford and UC Berkeley was released on arXiv, providing quantitative experimental results to address this question […]

AI Newsletter #008 (2023/07/10 – 2023/07/16)

Big Company Anthropic: Launched Claude 2 Anthropic has released Claude 2, an AI chatbot with a conversational tone and improved capabilities such as math, coding, and reasoning. It is now available for public use in the US and UK, and users can test out its capabilities. Pinecone: Now Available on Microsoft Azure Pinecone, a […]

AI Newsletter #007 (2023/07/03 – 2023/07/09)

Big Company Google: Plans to Train Its AI with The Entire Public Internet Google has updated its privacy policy to allow it to use publicly available information to train its AI models, such as Google Translate, Bard, and Cloud AI capabilities. This means that anything posted online, including on Google products, can be used to […]

AI Newsletter #006 (2023/06/26 – 2023/07/02)

Big Company Databricks: Acquired MosaicML Databricks has announced the acquisition of MosaicML, an open source startup with neural networks expertise, for $1.3 billion. This will add generative AI tooling to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, and the entire MosaicML team will join Databricks after the deal closes. OpenAI: Planning to Create App Store-like Marketplace for […]

AI Newsletter #005 (2023/06/19 – 2023/06/25)

Big Company Microsoft: Released Orca, A 13B Model Like GPT-4 Microsoft has released a new AI model called Orca, which is a 13 billion language model that imitate and learn from large language models like GPT-4. It has already surpassed Vicuna by 100% on complex zero-shot reasoning benchmarks, and is 42% faster than conventional AI […]