ChatGPT Alpaca Family Completely Falls! CMU PhD Breaks Through LLM Barrier

This article is translated from “新智元”. Overnight, all major language models including ChatGPT, Bard, and the Llama family have been compromised? Researchers from CMU and the AI Security Center have discovered that by appending a series of specific meaningless tokens, they can generate a mysterious prompt suffix. As a result, anyone can easily bypass the […]

Robot ChatGPT Arrives: Large-scale Model Enters the Real World, DeepMind Makes Breakthrough

This article is translated from “机器之心”. We know that after mastering language and images in the network, large models will eventually enter the real world, and “embodied intelligence” should be the next step in development. Integrating large models into robots, using simple natural language instead of complex instructions to form specific action plans without the […]

Research Confirms GPT-4 Has Truly Become Dumber: Math Ability Plummeted Dramatically Within 3 Months, Code Proficiency Also Declined

This article is translated from “the Heart of Machine” (机器之心). In recent days, many users have complained that GPT-4 has become less intelligent, but how much dumber has it really become? Recently, a preprint paper from Stanford and UC Berkeley was released on arXiv, providing quantitative experimental results to address this question and revealing related […]