AI Newsletter #012 (2023/08/07 – 2023/08/13)

Chegg Partners with Scale AI to Enhance Learning Experience for Students
Chegg, the online learning company, has announced a partnership with Scale AI to develop large language models (LLMs) for its personalized learning assistant. The new Chegg experience will combine generative AI with high-quality content to provide a more personalized and in-depth learning experience for students. The goal is to help students overcome barriers such as anxiety and distraction to improve their academic performance.

After GTC, NVIDIA Rides the Generative AI Wave at SIGGRAPH
NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announced new products and research focusing on generative AI, computer graphics, and the company’s role in OpenUSD developments at the SIGGRAPH conference. The major announcements include the unveiling of NVIDIA AI Workbench, a unified workspace for developers to fine-tune generative AI models, the upgrade of NVIDIA Enterprise 4.0 with new features, the collaboration between Hugging Face and NVIDIA for Training Cluster as a Service, the release of NVIDIA Omniverse platform for enhancing 3D pipelines, and the partnership between Shutterstock and NVIDIA for AI-based enhancements of 3D scenes. NVIDIA also introduced new desktop workstation GPUs and showcased their GPU prowess for professional visualization workflows.

Google Launches Project IDX, a New AI-enabled Browser-Based Development Environment
Google has announced the launch of Project IDX, an AI-enabled browser-based development environment for building web and multiplatform apps. It supports various frameworks and languages, with plans to add more in the future. Project IDX is based on Visual Studio Code and integrates with Google’s Firebase Hosting and Google Cloud Functions. While it offers similar AI coding features as competitors like GitHub and Amazon, Google’s focus on full-stack development sets it apart. The project is still in its early stages, but Google plans to add new capabilities over time.

Anthropic Releases a Faster, Smarter, Cheaper AI Model
Anthropic has released an upgraded version of its AI model called Claude Instant 1.2. This new version leverages the advanced abilities of Claude 2.0 and has shown significant improvements in math, coding, reasoning, and safety. In benchmark evaluations, Claude Instant 1.2 outperformed its previous version, with higher scores in math and coding abilities. The model also generates longer and more structured responses, with improved answer quality and resistance to security breaches.

IBM to Launch Meta’s Llama 2 on Watsonx AI Platform for Businesses
IBM announced that it will host the Meta Llama 2 artificial intelligence language program on its Watsonx enterprise AI platform. Watsonx helps businesses integrate AI into their workflow and provides early access to the Llama 2 for some clients. This move comes as businesses are increasingly interested in bringing AI to their processes to improve efficiency. IBM plans to release additional software, such as AI tuning studios and generative AI models, following the launch of the Meta open-source AI model.

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