AI Newsletter #010 (2023/07/24 – 2023/07/30)

1. Researchers find a way to easily bypass guardrails on OpenAI’s ChatGPT and all other A.I. chatbots

ChatGPT Alpaca Family Completely Falls! CMU PhD Breaks Through LLM Barrier

2. Google DeepMind’s new RT-2 system enables robots to perform novel tasks

Robot ChatGPT Arrives: Large-scale Model Enters the Real World, DeepMind Makes Breakthrough

3. First AI Sci-Fi Film “Genesis” Trailer Stuns the Audience

AI Takes Charge of Video Synthesis and Music Editing: First AI Sci-Fi Film “Genesis” Trailer Stuns the Audience

4. Hugging Face Introduces Agents.js: A New Library for Giving Tool Access to LLMs

Hugging Face has launched Agents.js, a JavaScript library that enables developers to create conversational agents using pre-trained models from the Hugging Face Hub. The library simplifies natural language processing and supports multimodal input and output. Hugging Face has also formed partnerships with Amazon Web Services and AMD to enhance the capabilities of its models.

5. Stability AI releases Stable Diffusion XL, its next-gen image synthesis model.

Stability AI has launched Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (SDXL), an advanced AI image synthesis model that can generate high-resolution images from text descriptions. The model offers more detail and improved imagery compared to previous versions of Stable Diffusion. Users can download the SDXL files and run the model locally for free, allowing for customization and extending its rendering capabilities. The new model also includes upgrades such as a larger UNet backbone, an ensemble of experts architecture, and improved image detail and size.

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